Driving Sales as a Project Manager

Romina Kohei
Romina Kohei

Our PM tailored 4-Step Approach to Start Having Sales Conversations Like a Natural Even if You Hate Sales.

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    Have you found yourself in a situation where you have not enough new business coming? Or your sales are drying up?

    Improving your sales skills as a project manager will not only help you bring in extra revenue, but it will improve your customer service and delivery!

    While you keep careful watch over new business sales, you are likely missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for quarter-over-quarter revenue expansion and retention.

    The power of pumping up your client base. For most companies, over 90 percent of profit is delivered after the initial sale.

    As a project manager, you are in constant contact with the client base that would generate most of the business, allowing you to drive greater and more consistent revenue opportunities from your place.

    Investing some time in gaining the skills to do so is one of the most important decisions you can take.
    Check out this workshop where we share with you the steps to do just that.

    You’ll discover the EXACT easily reproducible 4-steps process you can perform in any conversation with your client to start uncovering opportunities, even if you HATE doing sales!

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